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Welcome to bakalair!

After a month or so hiatus, bakalair has returned! If you missed it, bakalair experienced a massive database failure that resulted in the loss of everything. Oh well, it can’t hurt to start from scratch (again). As usual, there probably won’t be many updates here, unless something weird happens and I update more than once in a full moon.

One thing to mention, with the recent web service upgrade my hosting provider conduced, all of the URLs scattered around the Intarwebs using the g.bakalair.com/go redirect are no longer functional as the script used for them was disabled. If you run across one, it’ll redirect here instead of the URL it was intended to go to. Sorry about that.

That said, be on the lookout for some new/returning features, such as the Oekaki that was introduced before the DB failure. :3 I’ll start adding things when I feel like it.